10 Unique Wedding Colour Themes for 2017

Looking for wedding colour themes? Look no further, we’ve got you covered on the latest wedding colour trends for 2017. Use these inspirations and customize to your own wedding décor/outfits. Let’s get creative!

#1 Light Blue + Coral

Looking for something different than the ordinary pink but don’t want to stray too far from the traditional wedding look? Then this colour combo is perfect for you! Fresh and different, the light blue provides a sweet innocence to your wedding while the hint of coral gives the overall look a pop, which will look great on pictures.

#2 Lime green + Bright orange

Try this if you dare to be different! This colour combo provides a more rustic look using vibrant colours of lime green and bright orange and are very suitable for outdoor weddings.

Wedding Diva Tip: Use natural wood and some floral arrangements in the decor to help enhance the overall look.

#3 Berry + emerald green + rose gold

This trio colour combo provides a stylish but natural feel to your wedding and looks good on anyone. A suite and bridesmaids dress in this dark berry/ maroon will definitely stand out in pictures. The touch of rose gold softens the overall look.

Wedding Diva Tip: Incorporate with natural tones, wood and florals for a breathtaking décor.

#4 Soft pink + pale blue

Looking for a dreamy/ fairytale wedding look? It can’t get any better than this combo; soft pink and pale blue which provides a sweet softness to your wedding. For the bride’s outfit, a lacy soft pink dress is sure to turn heads.

Wedding Diva Tip: Add flower embellishments on your wedding cake, include candles in your décor and complement with a hint of champagne to create a romantic vibe.

#5 Lime green + yellow

This is a crazy colour combo but it is actually brilliant! It provides a fun and vintage look and the splash of yellow and looks really good in pictures. Yellow is a strong colour but there are many ways to incorporate this colour into your wedding. If your considering a beach or garden type wedding, this colour combo is the way to go!

Wedding Diva Tip: You could have a pale yellow wedding cake, use yellow flowers in your bouquets or even throw in some lemons on your table décor!

#6 Royal Blue + White

This magical colour will suit a variety of weddings, from traditional Indian wedding ceremonies, pelamin décor and modern wedding receptions. It adds a regal and glamorous look for your wedding. If you are thinking of having an evening wedding reception, this colour is perfect for you.

Wedding Diva Tip: To brighten the overall look, you can add hint of pink or gold to your outfits or décor.

#7 Purple + Mixed Berry

The shades of purple portray a gorgeous and timeless look for your wedding. Mix up shades of purple with soft lavender for a more modern look. Bridesmaid dresses in these colours are beautiful.

Wedding Diva Tip: To enhance your theme, you can top your wedding cake using berries and have shades of purple floral arrangements in your table settings.

#8 Shades of Red

Are you an audacious and out there kind of person? Then this is the colour for you. This deep red colour are for those who love bold and bright colours. This colour will help add a sexy and flirtatious vibe to your wedding. This outstanding colour is sure to stand out in pictures.

Wedding Diva Tip: You can incorporate this colour in dresses, flowers and even décor. Mix it up with lighter shades of red or pink for a softer look or with gold to add a regal look. For a more sexy and romantic vibe, park this deep red with dark grey.

#9 Mauve + Grey

The colour mauve is beautiful and is similar to a light purple shade. It is a great colour choice for table settings, bridesmaid dresses and even your wedding cake! This colour is excellent if you wish to have a lighter and neutral look for your wedding.

Wedding Diva Tip: Pair this colour with grey and other neutral tones such as white, or light brown to create an elegant wedding look.

#10 Peach + Gold + Green

This pretty shared of peach, gold and dark green are oh so dreamy and breathtaking when paired together. The light colour of peach contrasted by the bold colour of rose gold and dark green is sophisticated yet romantic! These colours are easy to incorporate in any type of wedding and provides a picturesque perfect look.

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